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hey there, my name is amal! i am a pakistani muslim and i love doctor who, game of thrones and natalie dormer! you can read more about me here!
currently watching: sleepy hollow,
currently reading: catherine the great: portrait of a woman - robert k. massie

please give me more recs if you ever feel like it okay
no, i did not kill james and lily potter for this url.

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mad, impossible.
amal, i have a thing for homicidal vampires, impossible girls, and doomed queens. +
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ygritte appreciation week » [day six] favorite quote about her
 "how could he explain ygritte to them? she’s warm and smart and funny, and she can kiss a man or slit his throat."

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One Gifset per episodeRise of the Cybermen/The Age of Steel

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doctor who + text posts (1/idek)

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favourite character meme | clara oswald

↳ seven scenes | [2/7]

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